One of the most well-crafted stop-motion films we’ve seen. Deeply funny. (Skwigly Animation Magazine)

A film worth freezing for. (Anchorage International Film Festival, Alaska, USA)

Imagine the Gruffalo with Zombies. (Grimm Up North)

Quality storytelling, originality and personality of characters, great animation performance. (Festival Stop Motion Montréal)

The excellently told story is peppered with morbid humor, its archaic English voice-overs entirely in rhyme. (Netherlands Film Festival)

Griezelig, geestig en met grote liefde voor het horrorgenre gemaakt. (Trouw)

A brilliant stop-animated short giving a new spin on the zombie theme. (South African Horrorfest)

18 minutes of macabre delight, this short should be every child’s first horror experience (The Ink And Code)

The attention to detail throughout the film is exquisite, it’s beautifully crafted and the story is brilliant and ingenious (…) I would love to see Under The Apple Tree developed into a feature film. (Atomic Age Renegades)

Very well realised and original film (London X4 Seasonal Short Film Festival)

It’s an animation horror masterpiece (Anatomy Crime Horror Film Festival)

Quality, humor and exuberance (Grossmann Fantastic Film and Wine Festival)

Flawless stop-motion, great art-work and a twisted sense of humour embedded in horror’s history (Weird Wednesday 0711, Stuttgart)

An absolute stop-motion delight with fantastic storytelling.
Dark and delightful.
The stop-motion here is incredible


Have a look at writer / director Erik van Schaaik’s website:


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