Winner Festival Stop Motion Montréal

Festival Stop Motion Montreal

For réal!? Under the Apple Tree has won the first prize in the category Professional Film at the eight edition of Festival Stop Motion Montréal (2016) in Québec (CA). Thank You!

The jury (including Grizzly Adams himself!) mentioned the “quality storytelling, originality and personality of characters and the great animation performance”. Thanks a bunch Festival Stop Motion Montréal!

Let me applaud the AppleTree-team once more, for I totally agree with the jury: that was top notch!

Festival Stop Motion Montréal

Festival Stop Motion Montréal is the world’s first festival dedicated to showcasing films animated exclusively using stop motion techniques.

With its use in television and feature films, stop-motion animation has experienced a resurgence over the pass few years. Despite this, getting their work screened can still be a huge struggle for many artists. Festival Stop Motion Montréal is working to change that…

The Festival gathers professionals and independent creators alike as well as enthusiasts and fans of all ages for a truly unique cinematic experience.

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