Skwigly interview with Erik van Schaaik


Laura-Beth Cowley from Skwigly wrote an in-depth interview with Erik about Apple Tree and his next animation project: Hieronymus.

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“Erik van Schaaik is one of Holland’s foremost animation directors, working on script writing, short films and children’s series while also soon to direct his first feature film. Starting out at the age of 12 with a super 8 camera, Erik went on to make many films including Vent, The Phantom Of The Cinema and Pecker. His most recent short film Under the Apple Tree has been screened at some of the most prestigious animation festivals including Annecy, Stuttgart and KLIK! as well as winning the Golden Calf Best Short Film and audience award at the Netherlands Film Festival 2015.

Under the Apple Tree is a gothic, stop-motion fable following two bickering brothers and their worm counterparts Aber and Crombie who, having been split apart, will stop at nothing to be reunited. This dark comedy is saturated with talented animation and incredibly skillful puppet and set-makers, setting the film apart as one of the most well-crafted stop-motion films we’ve seen. Erik himself brings an abundance of energy and optimism to his work….”