To give this horrifying tale the quality of a bedtime story I decided to write it as a poem. A great read for you and your little ones, sweet dreams guaranteed. But I will most likely use it for voice-over and dialogue as well.
I’m still in the process of writing it. It’s rather difficult to do this in proper English, but I’ll make sure to check it with my British friends. I am convinced it’s going to add so much more artistry and humor to the film. So I stopped storyboarding and started rewriting the whole thing. Here’s a quick taste of the dramatic opening of the film, the title sequence. The prelude:

Snap! What on earth was that?
A sound of things that break.
Snap! in two, cold and wet.
Oh quickly, be awake!

The smell of rotting and decay.
Whats lurking in the dark?
Is it death approaching? Nay,
dead things cannot walk.

Adieu poor apple, snapped in two,
worms gnawing at your heart.
Life is over, til earth and soil
will grow you from the start.

Accompanying these grave words, I plan to do a rather funny scene of two worms, struggling in an apple, before it suddenly rots away. Here are a couple of panels from the storyboard.