Matte paintings


The miniature sets will be extended using so called matte paintings. In the good old days this was done by placing a pane of glass between the camera and the partly built set, for instance the ground floor of a sky scraper. An artist would then come in and paint the missing part of the building on the glass. These guys could paint very well and very fast! The result was a shot of a full sized sky scraper with actors coming in and out of the front door. There was no telling what was painted and what was real.

I have always liked the matte paintings that didn’t quite work. The ones that were too unrealistic or painted poorly. Fot Under The Apple Tree I want use lots of matte paintings. Not on glass, for today the computer serves as glass windows. Or an apple for that matter.

So I am looking for a digital painter who can extend the shots that come out of the stop motion camera. If you are a fine artist and you’re interested in working on this film, please contact us! It doesn’t matter where you come from, we’ll be collaborating over the internet.

There will be more jobs later on in the production process.