I grew an apple!


I’ve had this tiny apple tree in my garden for at least eight years now, and this is the first time that it actually grew an apple. That’s a sign, right? It must be. I finally decided to go ahead and make my Apple Tree movie and tada! there’s an apple. It’s a small one, but hey, I need lots of miniatures for my film. It even has worms! In the background you can see my little cabin in the woods. This is where I’m drawing the Apple Tree storyboards all day.

It’s coming along nicely although it does take up a lot of time. I’m really, really pushing it to make it great. Sometimes I board three or more versions of a scene before it seems to be right.

Soon I’ll start a Facebook group where I can show you how I work. It would be cool to discuss things with you, and get to know your opinion on stuff. If you are interested in following the process of film-making, step by step, in depth, you are welcome to join this group. For a small fee. But that’s money well spent, for it’ll go straight to the movie.

Stay tuned.