Hurray, we’ve reached our crowdfunding goal! We’re happy, thankful and totally motivated to make the best movie ever! Also our lead animator Sergio finished his last shot yesterday, which was yet another reason to pop a champagne bottle. I enjoyed a good mug of bubbly together with Sergio and the crew of Pedri Animation. We’ve only a few shots left to shoot at Pedri – Peter will work with me on those – after which I will travel to Mechelen (Belgium) to help the crew at Beast Animation finish up their last shots. We’re now entering the stage of post-production (compositing, visual effects, editing, sounddesign, music etc.) Lot’s of work ahead. Exciting!

Please note that our crowdfunding campaign is running until noon, may 26. People can still donate and secure some of our great rewards (only one zombie-puppet left, apple props, original book illustrations, your voice in the movie, etc.)