3D character design

First stab at the priest

Last evening I made these 3D sketches at the kitchen table. A first look at priest puppet. The first four (which is one and the same) is inspired by the illustration from the book. The one on the right is a little bit more stylized, more cartoony. It’s missing it’s eyes tho. The eyes will be created separately, for replacement animation.

At the kitchen table

These sculpts are done in one go with a magical clay called Sculpey. After 15 minutes in the oven it is hard. Notice the translucent quality; very much like real skin. The great thing is that I can go ahead and use sandpaper or a drill to refine them. If necessary I can add more clay and bake it again. I’ll work some more on these heads and show the result later.






Erik doing Erik

Toy clay isn’t as cool as Sculpey. Regardless of the face.