Book illustrations


A book? Yes, the Apple Tree poem is going to be published as a beautiful little book, containing the entire story in hilarious rhyme, lightened with illustrations that will guarantee the weirdest dreams. And buying this little gem will help fund the movie! But more on that later.

I have started work on the book illustrations. Trying to loosen the muscles after so much writing. I haven’t decided on the style yet and I want to improve on composition. Right now it looks too much like storyboards.

I have recorded the drawing process as you can see here. On top of that I have installed a live camera (in the right column of this website) that will show the creative process real time. This is going to be particularly interesting when we start building sets and animating the movie. It’s possible to look over my shoulder and get the feel of… well, time passing by, really. Animation is not like drag racing but it’s not a drag either. It’s a slow but magical process! Shazam! yet another frame of film finished today!

In time I will offer some of the illustrations for sale. You will get the original drawing, with a personal, signed letter, delivered on your doorstep. The proceeds will help finance the movie of course.

More of that soon. For now it’s back to the drawing board.