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See the movie! Apple Tree has returned from it’s world wide festival tour. It is now for you to enjoy online, for free. Check it out on Vimeo: Does the film give you palpitations of the heart? Then click the heart-shaped icon. Does it evoke emotions that you wish to …

See the movie

Apple Tree has a record amount of Halloween screenings this year, 12 in total, and a couple of wins and nominations to boot. So, big(ger) chance we’re playing in a theater near you! Award for… classified (more details soon!) at Midwest Horror Fest in Logansport, Indiana, USA (21-22 oct). Woohoo! Award …

Halloween 2017

Flawless stop-motion, great art-work and a twisted sense of humour embedded in horror’s history.

Weird Wednesday 0711

Quality, humor and exuberance.

Grossmann Fantastic Film and Wine Festival
Winner Wildcard Hellfire

Last night, just before going to bed, we were informed that Under The Apple Tree is the winner of a Wildcard (kind of an audience award – ish) at Hellfire Short Film Festival 8th Round in the UK. Now that’s a good bedtime story!

Winner of wildcard Hellfire

The attention to detail throughout the film is exquisite, it’s beautifully crafted and the story is brilliant and ingenious.

Atomic Age Renegades

The Apples are selected to screen as part of the 2017 edition VOID – International Animation Film Festival! Check it out on January 31, in Copenhagen, Denmark. Lækre, hvad en fest! Just saying…

VOID Film Festival

A brilliant stop-animated short giving a new spin on the zombie theme.

South African HorrorFest

There was a young woman of Ryde who ate too many apples and died. The apples fermented inside the lamented and made cider inside her inside.

Here’s a fantastic Apple Tree review by The Ink And Code: The New York City Horror Festival has come to an end and I’m pleased to say it was a great deal of fun to attend for the first time. One of my favorite parts was the showing of shorts …


18 minutes of macabre delight, this short should be every child’s first horror experience

The Ink and Code

Bogotá. Bogotá. Bogotá. Sounds kinda like a drum riff. Under The Apple Tree has been selected for …bogotabogotabogotabogota… the 14th edition of the Bogotá Short Film Festival / Festival de Cortos de Bogotá – Bogoshorts! December 6th to 13th, 2016, Bogotá (Colombia).  

Bogotá Short Film Festival

A film worth freezing for.

Anchorage International Film Festival, Alaska, USA
eerie horror fest

Apple tree has picked up the award for Best Director and the award for Best Short at Eerie Horror Film Festival 2016 in the USofA! Needless to say we are bloody grateful, cutthroat happy, hard gore overwhelmed and stick-it-in-and-break-it-off humbled by this recognition. Wish we could have been there. Thank you very much! …

Double win at Eerie HFF

Quality storytelling, originality and personality of characters, great animation performance.

Stop Motion Montreal

Imagine the Gruffalo with Zombies.

Grimm Up North

’tis the witching hour..! Under the Apple Tree has been selected for the 7th Telluride Horror Show (USA), but don’t let that scare you off. October 14 – October 16, 2016

Telluride Horror Show

Festival Court Metrange

Alors voilà! Under the Apple Tree has been selected in competition for the 13th edition of Court Métrange international fantastic and etrange short film festival, Rennes (FR). October 19 –  October 23, 2016

Festival Court-Métrange

Imagine The Gruffalo with zombies. This is the GrimmFest “family-friendly” film. Or maybe not… Under the Apple Tree has been selected for this year’s GrimmFest in Manchester (UK). October 05 – 09, 2016.

Grimm Up North

The excellently told story is peppered with morbid humor, its archaic English voice-overs entirely in rhyme.

Netherlands Film Festival

Ede is a neighboring village of Arnhem, Erik’s home town. And there’s no garden of Ede without apples. Under the Apple Tree will be screened at Imagicon in Ede (NL). October 15, 2016.

Imagicon festival

One of the most well-crafted stop-motion films we’ve seen. Deeply funny.

Skwigly Animation Magazine
Dragon Con 2016

77,000 people, one of the largest pop culture conventions in the world, and yet ANOTHER WIN for farmers, priests and worms! Under the Apple Tree had been awarded the FIRST PRIZE ANIMATED FANTASY at the 2016 Dragon Con Independent Short Film Festival Atlanta (USA). Thank you very much, dear Dragon Conmen, and a big …

Winner Dragon Con Animated Fantasy

Apples and pumpkins go very well together. Check out these Halloween feasts, screening Under The Apple Tree: SAT 31 OCT 2015 22:00 Nijmegen – Midnight Madness, Kloosterkino 00:00 Amsterdam – Halloween Horror Show, Tuschinski 21:30 Amsterdam – LAB111, theatre 4

Happy Halloween!

Griezelig, geestig en met grote liefde voor het horrorgenre gemaakt.


Friday, October 2, 2015 Under The Apple Tree was honored with the prestigious Golden Calf award for Best Short Film at the Netherlands Film Festival (NFF). Director Erik van Schaaik was welcomed to the stage by two of his most esteemed colleagues, Oscar nominees Marieke Blaauw and Joris Oprins, to …

Golden Calf award Best Short Film

The observant reader may have already read it on the movie poster: The song from Under The Apple Tree is written and performed by none other than Racoon! Thank you Bart, Stefan, Paul and Dennis, for Fun We Had, a beautiful, melancholic feel-good tune, the cherry on top of our …


Erik Vos from graphic design company Het Lab created this bodacious poster for us. Right away the movie won the Golden Calf award, so now Erik has to start adding laurel leaves and reprint. Let’s hope we can keep him busy.

Film poster

This week we successfully finished our crowdfunding campaign, we wrapped shooting in Holland, we also wrapped in Belgium and we’re ready for post-production. Thank’s a million to all our supporters, funders, likers and cider-enthusiasts! Cheers! Here’s the small Belgium crew at Beast Animation, and the larger Dutch crew at Pedri …

It’s a wrap!

Ladies and gentlemen, you’ve been a fantastic audience. This crowdfunding campaign really rocked, but now it’s coming to an end. Our last song is called ‘Only 4 hours left’. So if you still want to get one of our awesome rewards, invest in a thing of beauty or if you …

Our very last song

Hurray, we’ve reached our crowdfunding goal! We’re happy, thankful and totally motivated to make the best movie ever! Also our lead animator Sergio finished his last shot yesterday, which was yet another reason to pop a champagne bottle. I enjoyed a good mug of bubbly together with Sergio and the …


Dear (forthcoming) funder, Just a few days left shooting our movie in Holland and Belgium. What a race! Frame by frame we are nearing the finish. Over the last months some of our puppets have sustained some injuries. Our protagonist Aber underwent heavy treatment; he’s doing fine now. Other characters …

The final strech

We are thrilled to announce that the Belgium Filmfund VAF supports Under The Apple Tree and that the amazing animation studio Beast Animation is going to join our team! If they’re not too busy winning awards. So, what’s the superlative of awesomest..?

Belgium likes apples!

Have a great summer!

A holiday postcard from our apple tree ‘heroes’ childhoods. Have a great summer, y’all!

We spent part of our Sunday updating our Appletree website. The pics in the header are taken from the storyboards. Thanks, nieta. You’re a star!

New website

Erik has taken down the window signs from the Apple Tree studio. Don’t worry, we’re not closing, we’re just moving. We discovered a wonderful little place in the heart of the fashion district of Arnhem. It suits us very well. It’s just temporary. If everything goes as planned we’ll soon …

On the move

We’ve been a-poppin’ cider champagne for The Apple Tree just grew bigger and better. My lovely producer and I made a pact with another lovely producer – Pedri Animations – and are in the process of making even more pacts with producers abroad. The best thing is that the Dutch Filmfund – …

Bigger ‘n better

Yesterday we popped a lovely cider champagne. The ever growing Apple Tree team had to celebrate. Celebrate what? you ask? I’ll tell you soon..! In the meantime: For the best bubbly in town I recommend you have a look at the Ciderwinkel website of Cider Man Raúl. Cheers!

The Cider Man

Hi there, animation lovers, The Apple Tree storyboards are finished! What you see here is about one third of the movie. I must say it’s great to see the whole story unfold before my eyes in images. I have a beautiful digital version of the boards – of which I’ll …

Storyboards finished

Hi y’all! Here’s a puppet-building test. Built in 2 days. Animatable. The wire armature is a bit too thin. Makes him a bit wobbly. But that fits the character, doesn’t it? This puppet came out a bit scarier than intended. But the horn on the walking aid helps making this poor …

Tom Bone

First stab at the priest

Last evening I made these 3D sketches at the kitchen table. A first look at priest puppet. The first four (which is one and the same) is inspired by the illustration from the book. The one on the right is a little bit more stylized, more cartoony. It’s missing it’s …

3D character design

I attended a workshop by stop motion Oscar winner Suzie Templeton at the NIAf. She was very generous in revealing her puppet-making secrets. She brought some puppets for us to hold in our hands. These puppets are from her film Peter And The Wolf. Amazing detail! Created by Polish animation …

Stop motion puppets

I’ve had this tiny apple tree in my garden for at least eight years now, and this is the first time that it actually grew an apple. That’s a sign, right? It must be. I finally decided to go ahead and make my Apple Tree movie and tada! there’s an …

I grew an apple!

Reading the Apple Tree book it might not become entirely clear what the over all theme of the story is. It’s layered, open to interpretation, poetical diction, word-art, blah and all that. I wrote it much like the way I write song lyrics. However, writing the screenplay I soon discovered …

Putting heart into it

Rare, unpublished book illustration from Under The Apple Tree

Rare, unpublished book illustration from Under The Apple Tree. The Klik! Amsterdam animation film festival needs your support. Join their crowd funding campaign and get an original illustration from the Under The Apple Tree book!!!

Support KLIK!

Wooohooo! The Appletree project has received funding from Productiefonds Oost Nederland. This is the true kick off of the project. I am so happy! A huge thanks goes out to the committee!