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‘The apple farmer and the priest. Neighbours at war. Born as brothers but since birth nevermore.’ Two quarreling characters oblivious to the doings of two much smaller beings, Aber and Crombie, worm-brothers living in an apple. However, the story of the humans becomes entangled with the story of the worms and things go horribly wrong. Worms get separated and reunite. People die and wake up. Rain and thunderstorms lash the cemetery. Are we talking divine intervention or basic agricultural principles? Apple cider will never taste the same, that’s for sure!


Writer/director Erik van Schaaik has been fascinated by horror stories from an early age. His love of thunderstorms, fluttering curtains and long dark corridors has brought him to the south of Belgium, where he lived in a castle and started writing ‘Under The Apple Tree’. In the vein of Poe, Wilde and Dahl, it’s an amusing little horror fable that satirically sketches the similarities between man and worm, resulting in the unification of the two: the walking dead.

Apple Tree is a movie full of contradictions: Bizarre but touching. Story about animals but human drama. Staged as a feature film but dialogue in rhyme. It’s all about the inner world, literally and figuratively.

‘I enjoy mist, rain, thunderstorms, cold and mud. From a comfortable, warm couch that is, with beer and pretzels. It’s a challenge to have your puppets walk through fog or rain, soaking wet and covered in mud. These are all things that are extremely difficult to animate in stop-motion. But this is exactly what we did! Appletree is a deliciously dirty, wet movie.’ (Erik)

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