Have a great summer!

A holiday postcard from our apple tree ‘heroes’ childhoods. Have a great summer, y’all!


We spent part of our Sunday updating our Appletree website. The pics in the header are taken from the storyboards. Thanks, nieta. You’re a star!

New website


Erik has taken down the window signs from the Apple Tree studio. Don’t worry, we’re not closing, we’re just moving. We discovered a wonderful little place in the heart of the fashion district of Arnhem. It suits us very well. It’s just temporary. If everything goes as planned we’ll soon …

On the move

Cider Champagne

We’ve been a-poppin’ cider champagne for The Apple Tree just grew bigger and better. My lovely producer and I made a pact with another lovely producer - Pedri Animations – and are in the process of making even more pacts with producers abroad. The best thing is that the Dutch Filmfund – …

Bigger ‘n better

Raul Henriquez

Yesterday we popped a lovely cider champagne. The ever growing Apple Tree team had to celebrate. Celebrate what? you ask? I’ll tell you soon..! In the meantime: For the best bubbly in town I recommend you have a look at the Ciderwinkel website of Cider Man Raúl. Cheers!

The Cider Man


Hi there, animation lovers, The Apple Tree storyboards are finished! What you see here is about one third of the movie. I must say it’s great to see the whole story unfold before my eyes in images. I have a beautiful digital version of the boards – of which I’ll …

Storyboards finished